Gillett Mediation
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Skilled Navigator:
Guiding Clients to the Best Possible Resolutions

With a laser focus on respect and impartiality, we approach mediation with deep legal expertise and the emotional intelligence to help both parties navigate to mutually agreeable outcomes.

Why Gillett Mediation?

  • Deep Expertise

    • More than 35 years of litigation experience
    • Ensures adherence to all legal considerations to fully leverage benefits of mediation
    • Offers clients a highly refined negotiation strategy
    • Respect and deep credibility in the legal community
  • Thorough preparation

    • Gain a solid understanding of issues
    • Uncover dispute resolution considerations
    • Create accurate modeling and substantiated settlement valuations
  • Emotional intelligence

    • Understanding of what motivates both parties to overcome even the most challenging disputes
    • Active listener, intuitive
    • Respectful and unbiassed to all involved parties
    • Offers streamlined, mutually agreeable solutions